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Questioning Casino Legitimacy in the U.S.

Would online casinos have it easier if they were allowed to base their operations elsewhere, or at least operate in the United States? With little doubt, the steady pool of American customers at online casino sites would grow were online casino gambling afforded legitimacy in the U.S. But would getting that legitimacy mean they would also be allowed to base operations there? Current interpretations of U.S. law are against all online casino gambling usage and operations.

This means that online casino companies are not legally able to advertise their products, nor are people legally able to gamble online. Legislators are constantly trying to restrict the ways in which Americans can access or pay for online casino gambling, and while no specific federal laws are on the books there are many states which have laws banning some or all aspects of online casino gambling within state borders. This works both to help online casinos that want to operate in some states, but harms those Americans who wish to gamble online.

One day, it is assumed, online casino operations will be legalized in the U.S. Until then, online casino companies are always operating in the shadow of the government, which if it wanted to could seriously hamper online gambling operations instead of, as they now do, let them pass with a wink and a nod for the most part. Online casino companies should not count on a sympathetic U.S. government for some time to come, but this doesn’t mean they will stop operations or advertising their games.

OCA News Editor