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85% of Americans Against Online Casino Ban

In theory, a democracy means that the government does what most of the citizens want, right? Wrong…! In theory and in practice these are two very different concepts. More than 85% of the population wants there to be no ban on online casino sites. The online casino ban, however, is being pushed forward in Congress by two or three adamant legislators and it looks like they will not stop until they get what they want – a total ban on online casino gambling in America.

The online casino ban is very two-faced. On the one hand, the legislators are crying that gambling is evil, that online casino sites are corrupting society and that they must be completely banned. On the other hand, they have no problem with other state –funded forms of gambling such as the lottery and bingo. Gambling that brings in revenue for the government is OK, but online casino sites that are not governmentally profitable are not?

If 85% of the population is really against the ban of online casino sites, then the country needs to rise up and fight the ban. The online casino industry is highly popular in America and even with the current gray area of its legality, millions still manage to gamble every month. Even if the ban does come to fruition, the online casino fans will still find ways to play.

OCA News Editor