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US Players Losing Ground as Majority Players at Online Casinos

Since online casino gambling originated from the United States, it is no wonder that the majority of people who frequented online casinos in the early years were from this country. Originally, the majority of online casinos were in English in order to cater for the inevitable American gambling public. Since the sites were in English, Americans kept coming…and so the situation stayed as it was – with a 1999 survey showing that 78% of visitors to online casino sites were American.

Fast forward five years to 2004 and this number had dropped drastically to 33%. What caused the Americans to lose that market dominance? Simply put, as the rest of the world discovered the internet and the great entertainment features of online casinos, they didn’t want to be left behind. After all, it wasn’t fair that only the Americans could enjoy online casino gambling in their own language. Those who had vision and initiative saw to it that the European, Asian and South American markets also had access to online casino games in their own language and the rest, as they say, is history.

When the 2004 survey was taken, 18% of the market was dominated by Europeans (up from 9% in 2001), Asian figures rose threefold to 25% and the South American market doubled itself from 5%. This move away from online casino market domination by the American gambling public seems to be a growing trend. It is further predicted by some that by the end of this year, only a quarter of the players at online casino sites will be from the United States. Of course, it must be remembered here that as U.S. law is interpreted, online casino gambling is considered illegal.

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