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Online Casino Popularity and America

In the world of online casinos, online poker is king. There is no game in the online gambling world capable at the moment of dethroning online poker, though others want their favorites to try. In the UK, bingo is pretty popular. Yet even there, the American standard for card games, poker, remains the top dog. That’s pretty impressive, and yet in the U.S. itself online casino gambling is still considered illegal by most authorities.

Why exactly this is isn’t really a matter for debate – officials, legislators, etc. just are not willing to trust online casinos as much as ordinary Americans are. But government opposition to online casino gambling isn’t stopping Americans from gambling at online casino sites, and dollars are a significant source of fuel even for those online casino sites that keep their cash reserves or income in pounds or euros.

One day, it very well may be that online casino gambling finally games acceptance in “official” America. But until that time, online casinos have to kind of advertise under the radar of U.S. authorities, and they are walking a fine line that could get them sued if they aren’t careful by those U.S. states which do have laws on the books restricting online casino gambling. Americans like to gamble, and Americans like to gamble online. If they translated that support of online gambling into writing letters to their senators and congressmen or congresswomen, it might make a difference.

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