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America and Online Casino Gambling

U.S. online casino gambling is on the rise, even as U.S. government officials both publicly and privately plan assaults on the internet gambling sector. Legislators in the U.S., in both the House and the Senate in D.C. and in individual state legislatures or assemblies, like to portray themselves as defenders of the public good, and this is why the have set their sites on the largely unregulated yet highly successful online casino industry. They focus on online casino gambling even as America’s history, intertwined as it is with gambling, demonstrates that Americans are a people who like to take risks in a culture that encourages boldness and risk-taking ventures.

This is reflected in the entrepreneurial spirit of the country, existing in one form or another since before the American Revolution. It continued as prospectors headed out West in search of gold, and brought with them the game of poker. In the saloons of Arizona, California, and elsewhere, poker was the game of choice for many risk-taking pioneers. The Declaration of Independence and the Civil War were gambles taking by Americans as Americans, or Americans as Confederates. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. That’s gambling, for you. Gambling and America are connected.

And yet the online casino industry is targeted. Why is this? America has prided itself as being of the New World, as opposed to Europe’s Old World. Online gambling is extremely popular in the Old World, where, let us not forget, unlike in America bad words can be heard on many radio stations and racy images shown on regular TV that would never make it onto American television unless it was on Cinemax or Showtime. Online casino gambling is nonetheless popular amongst Americans because gambling is popular with Americans, and official government sentiment, as is well known, often differs from the sentiment of the people who voted those officials into office.

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