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North Pennsylvania Law Makers Back Sports Betting

A recent spate of raids on social and entertainment clubs that host illegal sports betting pools have urged some lawmakers to call for legalizing the sports betting pools. The main reason for their new found leniency is that the money raised from sports betting could be used as a fundraising tool for churches, veterans groups, fire companies and other nonprofit organizations. These law markers are saying that sports betting could help raise money for organizations the same way bingo and raffles do.

The law makers admit that whether there are laws for or against it, sports betting is exists; not only exists but is doing very well. One of the law makers says that they are aware that sports betting has been going on since the first Super Bowl, and that to continue making something so popular illegal was not very effective. Not only because this pastime is so popular, but the law makers are also in favor of sports betting because they think it could help raise some much-needed cash for organizations that help others.

One law makers said that sports betting could do much for these organizations and would do a lot for the communities. The law makers will probably face staunch opposition from conservative counterparts who are against all kinds of gambling, sport betting or casinos, on moral grounds. The state police are said to be viewing the proposals but have not taken a position on the issue yet.

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