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U.S. and Iran Tensions and Online Casino Odds

If it comes to be that the U.S., U.K., or Israel end up attacking Iran over its nuclear program, what are the odds that Iranian claims to send 40,000 suicide bombers against Western interests, especially in Iraq, will come true? Given that Iran is a known state-sponsor of terrorism, online casino odds can be found that say the likelihood is good that in the event of an attack the Islamic Republic will unleash a wave of terrorism on U.S. troops in Iraq, population centers in Europe, and against northern Israel by way of Hezbollah.

Online casino sites often take up offering odds on various current events, and the crisis over the extent, intentions, and nature of the Iranian nuclear research program is easy fodder for both casino odds makers and online casino gamblers. However, the more wishful-minded of online casino odds makers might state that if the U.S. attacks Iran, Iran will be so caught up in the fury of a U.S. attack that it will not be able to launch terrorist attacks, or as they call them “martyrdom operations”, fighting as it will be for its life. But then again, if the online casino odds are on an Iranian response to any attack on nuclear sites other than by missile strikes directed at Israel, it is likely that Tehran will do whatever it feels necessary to wreak havoc in the West.

This is especially the case if the Ayatollah-run regime is seen as being overly threatened. The possibility of a U.S., Israeli, or other Western attack on Iran is predictably also a subject for online casino odds these days. Tensions are high at the moment, as each time the West seems to relax a bit in its demands on Iran, the Islamic Republic announces a new technological advance related to its nuke program or military arsenal. Only time will tell if online casino odds favoring both an attack and a terrorist response are shown to make winners out those who bet on a dangerous situation.

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