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Online Casino Firms Sponsor American Spring Break

The U.S. government’s efforts to ban online casino gambling might have deterred firms from setting up shop in the U.S., but it certainly hasn’t influenced their decision to become involved in lucrative sponsorship deals. Online casino operators have been queuing up this season to sponsor a range of “spring break” events in the U.S. In particular, several gaming firms have chosen to sponsor activities for students in an attempt to increase student participation in events such as online casino poker.

This year, college students wanting to learn how to play at online casino sites need look no further than the online casino firms sponsoring popular outdoor events. Absolute Poker is the main sponsor of the “Beach Olympics” held at Miami’s Palms, while online casino operator Casino Profit is hosting an Australian themed party and dinner for beach-lovers. Both events feature highly prominent advertising for the firms, ensuring that any student keen to test his luck at an online gaming site knows exactly where to go to do so.

Student participation at online casino sites has increased substantially since the poker boom swept the U.S. A number of online poker tournaments have been won by American college students, and more recently, British students have jumped on the poker bandwagon to compete in the World Student Poker Championship sponsored and organized by a top online casino firm.

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