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Multiple Bills to Ban Online Casino Gaming in US

At least three bills are pending in U.S. Congress seeking to ban American casino players from gambling at offshore online casino sites. Sponsors of the legislation cite several reasons for the proposed crackdown on online casino gaming, among them increasing levels of underage gambling and gambling addiction. The outlines of proposed online casino bills have been approved by both houses in Congress in the past, but not in the identical form required for presenting legislation to the president.

It is already illegal for online casino firms to operate domestically, so the multi billion-dollar business provides gambling services to American casino players from a range of international locations. Many players now use online payment services also based overseas to manage their transactions to online casino sites. One proposed bill currently under review by Congress seeks to prevent the growth of the industry by banning financial institutions from processing payments to online casino sites. .

While the bills’ supporters say that the presence of online casino sites disadvantages regulated, taxed and legal gambling establishments, the bills themselves have proved highly controversial. Advocates of online casino gaming state the exemptions the bills outline, for example horse-racing and state-run lottery draws, are hypocritical, and reveal how powerful lobby groups have managed to protect the forms of gambling that benefit them personally.

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