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US Legislation Against the Online Casino Industry

Critics of online casinos make good stories and headlines. They are wordy, opinionated and gather a lot of response from the public. Individuals such as Iowa Republican, James Leach, are forever spurning out their views on the evils of online casinos and pushing for legislation that would essentially ban online casinos and other forms of internet gambling altogether from the United States. However, Leach and other anti-gambling politicians usually have the backing of very strong organizations and bodies within America’s society. Who are these groups that give the politicians their power?

One of the most powerful groups to back legislation aimed at banning online casinos is the religious faction. The list of church groups opposed to online casinos is long and includes the Christian Coalition and the Episcopal, the Lutheran, the Presbyterian and the Baptist Churches. These religious groups claim that online casinos lead to immoral ways of life and destroy families. Other, non-religious groups who back anti-gambling legislation include major sporting organizations such as the NFL, NBA, NCAA and NLB. Another powerful group that is critical of online gambling is the American Bankers Association. Put all these groups together into one faction and you get a powerful bloc.

Politics is a game of power and the players usually appeal to their voters through issues that will affect them on a personal basis. Critics of online casinos enlarge on the huge problems that come with this type of gambling. Perhaps these critics would benefit from listening to the other side of the argument that requires the regulation of the industry in order to combat the very problems that these critics are afraid of.

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