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US Online Casino Firms Warned Against Complacency

Following a wake of pessimistic statements made on the future of the online casino industry, a well known American lawyer has warned operators against complacency. Stating the online casino industry has “never been more vulnerable,” U.S. lawyer Lawrence G. Walters was recently interviewed by International Gaming News and offered some compelling reasons why online casino operators shouldn’t take their record profits for granted.

The impact of U.S. political lobbying aiming to ban online casino gambling is just one factor that could affect its continuing success. According to Walters, the fact that U.S. legislators proposed yet another bill seeking to pull the rug out from under the online casino industry’s feet had little impact among operators and industry analysts. This is particularly dangerous, says Walters, given that over the last eight years a series of similar bills have been defeated, usually with help from the pro-gambling lobby. So is the online casino industry becoming too complacent when it comes to anti-gambling legislation? Lobbyists working against the industry may have been defeated in the past, but can gaming operators truly feel safe when one law could essentially finish off their business?

In recent years, several large online casino firms have sought to decrease their traditional dependence on American casino players. Some new gaming firms, such as Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Gaming, have even introduced software that blocks American casino players from participating at online casino sites.

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