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Online Casino Operators Seek Regulation in US

The argument regarding online casinos seems to be divided into two distinct camps of those for and those against. It might not occur to many people that online casino operators are concerned about the very things that bother the anti-gambling faction. Online casino operators are just as concerned about problem issues in the online casino world, including addictive behavior and underage gambling. As a result, they have been petitioning the government to legalize online gambling so that it can be regulated as any other industry in the United States is regulated.

Online casino proponents argue that the government already regulates land-based casinos; therefore there is no reason that online casinos cannot be regulated in the same manner. Online casino operators show that precedents for regulation of the online casino industry already exist in over 60 countries in the world. These countries are not all third-world corrupt countries, but include western powers such as the United Kingdom as well. There is no reason, then that the United States cannot adopt these regulations and seek to legalize the industry – a move that will bring some order into an industry that already exists in any case.

At the same time, the government will benefit from millions of dollars in tax revenues. By calling for the regulation of the industry, online casino operators claim that it will make it a lot easier to trace underage gamblers and put a stop to addictive forms of behavior. It will be easier to keep track of players in the online casino world and everyone will benefit in the long run.

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