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MGM Plans Gambling Casino for Detroit

MGM Grand is considering its options for expanding its gambling empire to Detroit. A report has confirmed that MGM Grand is planning on establishing a huge and expansive gambling complex in the city that will change the face of the gambling culture in the area. The $765 million investment will include a gambling complex that will feature a 17-storey casino and will also create over 1,000 jobs for people in the vicinity.

The new building of the gambling complex will feature a 5,000 car parking garage, a 100,000 square foot casino with a huge gambling floor, along with a spa, shop, restaurants and bars. The investors want the complex to be an all-inclusive entertainment attraction which will cater to the needs of everyone. If someone does not want to indulge in gambling, but still wants to shop or have a drink, the complex can still be a destination point, an MGM spokesperson said.

A spokesperson for the Detroit Mayor’s Office said that this type of investment is exactly what Detroit needs to push it forward into being a city of the future. This gambling complex is a showcase for other cities around the world. Detroit can become a holiday destination for those seeking a gambling and entertainment vacation. The Mayor’s Office looked forward to further meetings about the progress of the project which plans to change the face of that area of the city.

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