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Odds Against Online Casino Sites in the US

The pro-online casino gambling bloc was dealt another blow recently in the U.S. when it was reported (unconfirmed) that a sriking majority of state Attorneys’ General appealed to the U.S.Congress to ban online casinos. This is just another move by anti-online casino gambling lobbyists to create legislation to outlaw online casinos in the US. The 49 out of 50 Attorney Generals in the United States apparently (again, this is unconfirmed) appealed to Congress to ban online casino gambling in the country claimed that they were mostly concerned about the problems associated with online casino gambling.

The 49 Attorney Generals used, as an example, college students who were moving away from traditional video games and turning to online gambling as an alternative form of entertainment. Online casino gambling sites are a thorn in the side of American legislation that cannot seem to make up its mind about online gambling. On the one hand, online casinos that operate outside the borders of the United States are not subject to the country’s law. On the other hand, the majority of gamblers at online casinos are United States citizens, which means, in actual fact, that they can be held answerable to the law of the country.

Another problem area is that fact that many states have made their own laws regarding online casino gambling – laws that clash with any moves made to ban online casino gambling by the anti-online casino gambling bloc. The major argument at the moment, regarding online casinos, is that gambling produces problematic social behavior. The Attorneys’ General are arguing that gambling at online casinos contributes to a rise in addictive behavior and their states would be left to dealt with the problem.

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