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New Gambling Regulations Passed in Nevada

The State of Nevada recently passed new gambling regulations, and the new laws include the approval of “mobile” casino gaming that will allow gambling in public areas outside of the state’s casinos. Casino-style gambling with mobile units is definitely a future trend, if you look at this news in a certain way. It is no wonder that Nevada is the first state to legalize “mobile” casino gaming, since it is already The Gambling State of America. Mobile gaming essentially means that casino gambling is done from held-held units from anywhere a player chooses to be (such as on cell phones).

This type of casino gambling is one up from online casinos as gamblers are not tied down to computer terminals. The Nevada Gaming Commission ruled that gambling with mobile casino units would be legal in the state, meaning that the gambling public need not limit its play to the casino area itself. Players can now do their gambling in the public areas of the state’s casino locations, including the restaurants and pool areas.

In the past, if gamblers wished to play slots, roulette or blackjack, they would need to spend time in specially designated gambling areas. Now, however, players could combine other forms of entertainment, such as eating or swimming, with their favorite games. The fact that the Gaming Commission approved gambling with mobile units does not mean, however, that all the Nevada casino businesses are immediately incorporating these changes. They prefer to assess the impact of mobile gambling units on their businesses before taking any further steps.

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