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States, Citizens, and an Online Casino

How many U.S. states have enacted laws against online casino gambling? Not very many, to tell you it straight. Online casino gambling, when it comes to the priorities of state governments, is rarely addressed in the halls of power of the various members of the Union only during times of extreme urgency – such as when it is determined that there is a rise in cases of gambling addiction-related incidents, crime associated with online casino gambling, or something along those lines. The United States federal government, itself, has only dealt with online casino gambling a few times in recent memory.

There are some United States Senators who stand opposed to online gambling at casino sites, and they all have good reasons they give out to their constituents back home. But at the same time, the number of Americans who gamble at online casino sites increases each year, demonstrating that while their representatives in Washington might be opposed to online casino gambling for this reason or that reason, they themselves wish to be able to gamble online in the comfort of their own homes with the money they work to earn and save.

Privacy issues are, after all, a major issue in the U.S. The slightest perceived threat to breaches of privacy by the government or other individuals has the potential to become the subject of a possibly rancorous lawsuit in America’s ultra-litigious society, and perhaps this is why online casino gambling opponents haven’t pushed the issue in terms of taking their interpretation of the 1961 Wire Act by enforcing it’s anti-sports gambling precepts over phone lines into gross action against otherwise innocent online casino gamblers in the U.S.

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