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Online Casino Poker Boom Influences Texas

Fans of online casino poker can take heart from the recent efforts of one pro-gambling lobby group. In their move to support making Texas Hold’em poker legal in Texas, the Texas Poker PAC cites the popularity of online casino poker and increased coverage of poker events as responsible for the poker boom. State regulation is required, the group says, to protect the growing number of online casino poker players trying out their poker skills in live environments. Mike Lavigne, treasurer of Texas Poker PAC, believes the online casino poker boom has fuelled an industry of underground poker matches and says that it the government legalized live poker venues, it could reap substantial new revenues.

Under Texas state law, commercial establishments such as bars and restaurants are prohibited from hosting card games where players risk money. Several other states do allow some types of legal poker at casinos and other venues, but laws vary widely. Online casino gambling is also strictly prohibited in Texas, but that does not prevent thousands of Texan gambling fans from playing their favourite games at offshore online casino sites.

The online casino fan points out that legalizing poker would also help charitable organizations share in soaring poker revenues. Lavigne points to the success of charity bingo as a prime example of the money to be made, and describes current Texas legislation outlawing poker as “antiquated.” Texas Poker PAC has been quick to reassure those critical of the group’s position that any new poker legislation would automatically include funding for programs that combat gambling addiction and underage gambling, and has pointed out that several major gambling operators in the online casino industry have preventative measures in place to address gambling related issues.

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