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U.S. Gambling Fans Bored of Poker TV

Recent comments from those in the gambling and casino industry less optimistic about the future of poker TV have referred to declining viewer statistics this week. While many U.S. casino or gambling fans are still tuning in religiously to their favorite poker shows, there are fears that too much television coverage is making poker programs – and by extension casino gaming programs – less popular. Some casinos and gambling analysts also believe the coverage could have an impact on the continued growth of the game itself.

According to a recent article in the New York Post, figures recorded by Nielsen Media Research suggest that gambling fans are losing interest in televised poker. Bravo’s “Celebrity Poker Showdown” has seen audience numbers fall from a high of 364,000 viewers at the beginning of 2005 to just 134,000 viewers this year. Similarly, ESPN’s “Poker” has lost approximately 193,000 gambling fans since it was first broadcast two years ago. Marc Ganis, president of Sports Corp Ltd, says that the glut of poker programs has reduced its appeal to gambling fans.

“Poker does have some life left in it, he says, but the game needs to be televised from a new angle so that it doesn’t lose its impact. The downward trends in gambling audiences may be concerning for some gambling operators reliant on the U.S., but across the Atlantic, poker is still going strong in casinos. Gambling shows are enjoying increased popularity amongst British casino and gambling fans, and ITV’s decision to begin work on a poker show offering a prize of one million pounds sterling has generated even more interest.

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