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The Effect of U.S. Online Casino Legality on Revenues

If online casino gambling was to be legalized fully in the U.S., and ambiguous laws regarding online gambling made clear, would it automatically mean that online casino revenues would increase to as-yet-unseen levels? This would probably not be the case, because while online casino gambling is considered illegal by U.S. authorities, thousands of Americans sign onto online casinos every day and gamble however much they wish. And since Americans are some of the biggest free spenders on online casinos, this means that they

Online casino companies, though, aren’t happy with the appearance that what they are doing by proving gambling games as a service to Americans is illegal. They’d rather be doing their business over the table, rather than under the apathetic noses of authorities who currently have better things to do than enforce laws that limit how Americans choose to spend the money they earn. Of course, there are no federal laws in place that specifically target online casino gambling, but there are state laws in effect throughout much of the country that gamblers should pay attention to.

So if online casino gambling was to be legalized in the United States, it isn’t likely that there would be a gigantic change immediately in the aftermath of such a watershed event, or even gradually in the months following federal approval. In the long run is when online casino revenues will be best seen to have changed – i.e., increased – due to a change in Washington in favor of online casino gambling. Of course, such a change isn’t likely to occur anytime soon, unless online casinos can show the U.S. government why, exactly, they should be trusted and approved now rather than over time.

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