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U.S. States and Online Casino Gambling Laws

If you like online casino gambling but aren’t sure where in the US it is legal for you to do so, why not simply go online and check out those websites on the worldwide web known for their legal expertise regarding online gambling to find out? Online casinos are considered illegal by the U.S. government, but there are no specific federal laws on the books outlining online casino gambling as a crime – it is by old laws, drafted in an age in which the internet as we know it today did not exist, that the Justice Department bases its opinion.

There are, however, several states which have legislatures which some time ago or recently took up the issue of online casino gambling and decided to enforce a ban by law. Anyone caught online casino gambling in such states, or any online casino company found to be operating or seeking out customers in that state, may be found liable for prosecution and/or fines.

Online casino customers, though, are not always aware of the laws in their area, and this combined with unofficial laxity in going after violators means that online casino gambling continues even though it is against the law. If you do not want to violate the law, but still wish to gamble online, it would probably be smart for you to examine the laws in your state (if you reside in the U.S.) in order to avoid any potential legal difficulties regarding online casino gambling now or in the future.

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