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Civil Liberties Group Criticizes Online Casino Ban

The American civil liberties organization known as the Cato Institute has recently added its voice to the U.S. online casino debate. The Cato Institute’s decision to publish anti-ban material follows recent U.S. attempts to introduce new legislation banning gaming at online casinos. The organization has a long-standing record of questioning the federal government’s involvement in the realms of personal freedom and it seems the government’s stance against online casino operations and usage has not escaped attention.

The Cato Institute, founded in 1977 by Edward H. Crane, is a non-profit research foundation based in Washington. In its latest article criticizing the proposed online casino ban, the Institute highlights the fact that although online casino operations are already deemed illegal in the U.S., internet gambling has continued to grow. Today the industry has been estimated to be worth $12 billion dollars. The report continues by pointing out that previous legislation designed to prohibit social behavior has never succeeded.

New legislation against online casino gambling would be difficult to enforce and would call for an increase in police work and tax payer’s money. The article concludes by saying that in attempting to ban online casinos, the government will instead encourage organized crime and black market activity. The Institute believes that the choice to spend money at online casinos is a private business, and that the federal government should have no jurisdiction over the recreational pursuits of individuals.

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