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Bush Presidency Odds at an Online Casino

What are the odds at online casinos regarding the future of the Bush Administration in the U.S.? Suffice it to say that President George W. Bush, his Vice President Richard Cheney, senior advisor Karl Rove, and many other members of the Bush White House team and Cabinet are not very popular in America right now, or throughout the world for that matter. In a country where electoral and political stability is a treasured hallmark of the American system and history, it is almost unheard of for a sitting president to attempt to be removed from office other than by violent means.

Of course, there have been several attempts on the life of U.S. presidents; some like Lincoln’s and JFK’s were successful attempts, while others like the attempt on President Ronald Reagan’s life merely managed to wound the president. But the non-violent option is even less heard of than assassinations. Impeachment is a process whereby a sitting president is put on trial by the Congress, and a vote is taken which determines whether or not that president is to be removed from office. Andrew Johnson was impeached after Congress didn’t like his firing a Cabinet member; William J. Clinton was impeached after he hid details of an illicit relationship from the public and then lied about it.

There are those who would like to see current president George W. Bush impeached for allegedly lying in order to get Congress to vote approval of a war to remove the threat of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and the weapons of mass destruction. It goes without saying that liberal activists would support such a move; then again, online casino websites often offer odds on the chances of a president serving out his full term anyway. Considering that many U.S. legislators made the decision for themselves that Iraq had to be invaded, legislators on both sides of the political spectrum for that matter, it is unknown whether any online casino odds on a premature end of the Second Bush White House will be proven correct.

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