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Casino Addiction Counseling Available over the Phone

In a recent survey conducted in West Virginia about gambling habits, it was shown that most gamblers are women who are married with no dependents. It was also shown that women prefer gambling on video poker to bingo, slot machines and the lottery. Women also prefer gambling in bars, clubs and restaurants as opposed to in their homes on the internet; they most prefer to gamble at a casino. The survey was conducted in conjunction with a casino gambling hotline calling center, which encouraged those with a gambling problem to contact them.

A very popular way to receive assistance for problem gambling is now over the telephone. Many people who have a gambling problem do not want to leave their home environment to attend meetings or to go into therapy at a center. The counseling, which is available over the telephone, solves the initial crisis for most problem gamblers.

Many counselors are now fully trained in dealing specifically with gambling problems and will assist the players that contact them. The counselors were aware that many people gamble from reality or use casino gambling as an attempt to solve debts. The counselors were trained in spotting problem gambling patterns, the risk factors involved, and what makes people more prone to addiction. Players who contact the hotline will be directed to a casino gambling counselor in their area and will be entitled to a two-hour telephone session for free.

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