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High School Gambling Ring Busted

A second arrest has been made in Chicago in a bust on a suspected gambling ring that targeted high schools. Cook County authorities said that they have broken up a casino-style gambling operation that targeted high school students at a Catholic high school. Following the second arrest it became clear that the several students at the Mount Carmel High School had been gambling and placing bets through a bookie during the past year.

Cook County prosecutors have charged Timothy Quinlan, 23, of Oak Lawn who organized the casino-style gambling ring. It is alleged that he used two high schools students as runners who gauged which of the students were interested in gambling and transferred the information and money to Quinlan. Two students are suspected of building up huge gambling tabs – one of $17,000 and one of $10,000. The major focus of the high school students’ gambling was on college sports such as basket ball.

Following the arrest of the two suspected casino-style gambling organizers, other high schools in the area have begun investigating the possibility that similar gambling practices have been occurring on their premises. Mount Carmel High School is also conducting a thorough investigation into how Quinlan managed to run his business in the school for so long without being detected. Underage gambling is a serious problem and one that needs to be fought with an iron hand, a high-school staff member said.

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