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UK Online Casino Laws to be Clarified

The online casino gambling industry has all eyes on the United Kingdom at the moment because it is expected that in the coming days, the country will announce its new reformed laws and rules about how the online casino gambling industry will operate. The United Kingdom is one of the first countries to fully regulate the online casino gambling industry and many other European countries are following the developments with great interest in order to decide whether they like what they see, and in turn, to follow suite.

The United Kingdom plans on fully regulating the online casino gambling industry in order to protect the weaker elements in the industry. The Gambling Act will allow online casinos which meet very strict and detailed criteria to be legalized, while those that do not follow the guidelines provided in the law, will be not allowed to operate. The plan of the Gambling Act is to ensure that the organized crime elements do not infiltrate into the industry, that casino gambling online is fair and that children are not drawn into the industry.

The draft of the Gambling Act also contain guidelines which are designed to combat addiction which has become a sensitive subject in recent years since the explosion of the online casino gambling market. The online casino industry is said to be satisfied with the draft act and hope that other European countries will follow its course.

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