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Poll: Americans Against Banning Online Casinos

In a poll being carried out by the respected and widely read Wall Street Journal, it showed that most American adults are against the banning of online casino gambling. The poll is currently being run in the journal which asks adults whether online casino gambling should be banned. The poll is a great opportunity for people with any sort of opinion regarding the restrictions in the online casino industry to have their say.

The online casino industry is under the spotlight at present because of the moves by a number of senators who wish to totally ban online casino operations, and all internet gambling in America. The Wall Street Journal also ran an article along side the poll about the current state of the online casino industry in America and the pressure that the three senators are putting on Congress to pass the bill banning online casino gaming.

The poll was held at the end of the article to gauge readers’ reaction about the potential ban of online casino gaming. At the time of going to press, 82% of the people were against any banning of online casinos while only 18% supported the ban. If this is the sentiment on the street then the senators should think again about passing such a blanket ban on the online casinos industry which is showing fruition all over the world.

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