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Kansas Senate Introduces Gambling Bill

A Kansas senate panel has introduced a bill which expands gambling across the state, in the hope of increasing state revenues. The revenues from the expanded gambling would be used to fund increased school funding. Although the bill has support from several leaders in the senate, it is unclear whether the casino gambling bill will pass the 21 vote minimum. The plan of the casino gambling bill is to generate $152 million in revenue for the state in 2006, of which $38 million would be returned to municipal governments for property tax relief.

The revenues are currently limited because of the lack of gambling venues, but if the law is passed, it is expected to push for the establishment of at least two new casino locations which would in turn shoot the expected gambling revenue for the state up to $200 million. The Senate hopes that the bill will pass because it means that the entire state will benefit from the increased revenues and profits.

The bill is calling for 7,000 slot gambling machines to be located mainly near horse and dog tracks around the state. Regulators of the casino locales and gambling field would have the right to determine how many slot machines can be located at each casino venue and could also choose not to allow the full amount of slot machines in a venue, depending on how well the casinos are doing. A lobbyist for the increased casino gambling legislation said that while the law was not perfect, it was definitely a step in the right direction.

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