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Online Casino Industry Threatened by US Legislation

A bill has been reintroduced by a Virginia congressman that threatens the existence of online casinos in the United States. There are fears that the “Internet Gambling Prohibit Act” will actually pass quietly, leaving US gamblers without online casino gambling or other forms of online gambling. According to recent polls, there are over 300,000 casino websites, including online casino sites.

40% of the 7,000,000 gamblers who visit these online casinos originate from the United States. An old bill however, may put an end to visits to online casino sites by US visitors. Virginia congressman Bob Goodlatte has reintroduced HR4777, also known as the “Internet Gambling Prohibit Act”. This act will amend Title 18 of the 1961 Federal Wire Act that makes it illegal to bet by “wire transmission.”

Bob Goodlatte’s bill to outlaw online casino gambling is not without its opposition and there are some who have successfully thwarted passing of the act in the past. However, Goodlatte’s campaign seems to be strengthening and we shouldn’t be surprised if one day in the near future, online casinos are suddenly illegal in the United States.

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