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Online Casino Industry Acceptance and the U.S.

If you are looking for online casino fun in the United States, and pay attention to the online casino news circuit, you probably know already that you have a lot riding against you. After all, the U.S. government has deemed online casino gambling to be illegal. It has done so on a relatively old and unrelated law, which cannot be specifically applied to online gambling – but the Justice Department uses it anyway.

Still, online gamblers in America make up one of the largest percentages of online gamblers, and this is a fact that the U.S. government may be willing to ignore but that online casinos are quick to take advantage of. So how is it that the U.S. government and the American people can be so split on this issue? Online casino gambling doesn’t really represent a threat to the U.S., though the unregulated nature of the online casino industry that targets American gamblers and seeks American dollars is in a position to take advantage of ignorant gamblers from the U.S.

Whether the U.S. online casino gambling sector gets a reprieve and recognition in the near future or whether the online casino industry is in for a tough fight isn’t important. What is important is that online casino enthusiasts in the United States are playing games anyway, and what’s more the U.S. government is so busy with other, more important issues that online gambling seems for the moment to have lost the sense of urgency some legislators and officials have had.

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