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Online Casinos Status in the United States

There are many countries in the world where it is quite legal to operate and play at online casinos, such as Great Britain and several nations in and around the Caribbean. However, the greatest democracy in the world, the United States, lags behind in this picture. Legislation in the United States attempts to regulate and even ban online casinos. This type of legislation is aimed more at those operating the online casinos and less at the online gamblers who play from the comfort of their homes.

Nobody can actually define the law regarding online casinos in the United States. The federal government has, in fact, left it largely up to individual states to pass legislation regarding gambling in general and gambling at online casinos, in particular. As a result, certain traditional-minded states such as Nevada, Louisiana, Texas and Illinois have specifically banned internet gambling at online casinos.

Since the law regarding internet gambling is so gray and undefined, potential gamblers should consult with legal professionals who can give them proper answers pertaining to their particular states or countries. It is hoped that, with time, the United States federal government will take a definite stand regarding gambling at online casinos in the country. The majority of gamblers at online casinos reside in the United States, making the prohibition and tight regulation of online gambling redundant.

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