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Online Casino Deal Guarantees High Exposure in U.S.

A new marketing deal between online casino firm Bodog and U.S. airline Allegiant Air could create more controversy in the U.S. over online casino advertising. Under the terms of the deal, the online casino firm’s advertising will feature on six of Allegiant’s passenger jets. The move comes as Bodog attempts to increase its advertising exposure away from its traditional print and television campaigns.

The advertising campaign will run for three months with the online casino company’s branding visible to passengers traveling to and from Las Vegas. Allegiant planes service Las Vegas and 32 other U.S. destinations and enjoy prominent ground space at Las Vega’s McCarran International Airport. Those that will be participating in the online casino firm’s campaign will undergo modifications in order to adhere to the gambling theme. Passenger seat trays will resemble blackjack tables and a range of literature and free giveaways from the online casino company will be available on board.

Along with heightened exposure to the online casino firm’s gambling products, Allegiant passengers who sign up with Bodog will be given the chance to win a free return trip to Las Vegas. While online casino gaming is illegal in the U.S., several major media groups continue to advertise on behalf of online casino operators. To date, little legal action has been taken against the advertising of gambling products and services.

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