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Gambling Addiction Facility Opening in Reno

Monday sees the opening of a new center in Reno which will help gambling addicts overcome their compulsive habit. Until recently, the state did not recognize gambling as a compulsive disorder that could be treated medically. A psychologist who spear-headed the idea to push the state’s lawmakers to accept this fact and fund the gambling addiction programs said that Nevada has finally accepted that gambling is a health issue that can be treated.

The center, which will be based on a facility already running in Las Vegas to help gambling addicts, will receive $65,000 in state funding for the 2006 and $137,000 for 2007. The psychologist said that for many years, state health officials had recognized alcohol and drugs as addictive disorders that can be treated medically, but not gambling. In recent studies it showed that most gambling addicts have an underlying drug or alcohol problem too. The center will be equipped to deal with these cases too.

The center expects to treat more women than men who are more likely to become gambling addicts, a study revealed. Most of the addicts prefer machine gambling than table gambling, because they can be hidden behind the machine and do not have to interact with anyone, thus showing their weakness. The program will be a six week program based on the out-patient system. It will also provide follow up treatment for a full year after the program.

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