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Nevada Casino Locales Score on Gambling Money

Slot machines, poker or sports events – any thing and everything to do with gambling is what people in Nevada spent their money on this past year. Or at least that is what it seems, judging from the amount of money the Nevada casino companies scored from gambling in 2005. Nevada casinos announced that they made a whopping $11.7 billion in 2005 from gambling profits alone. Players at these casino sites spent $162 million on this great pastime.

In a global context, the money wagered on gambling entertainment surpassed the combined bankrolls of mega-rich men Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. The total budgets of Russia and India are even lower than this casino gambling loot. Some critics say that the money spent on casino gambling in Nevada alone could end world poverty!

The total take from casino gambling was up ten percent from 2004 and the overall economy of Nevada, which is very reliant on this casino gambling-based tourism enterprise, recorded highs in all of its spheres. 2005 proved to be a record year for the entire gaming industry. Nevada casinos were not the only mega-earners. Online casino are reporting on their year-end results this week seem also to have made great worldwide profits. 2005 was a super-success in the gambling industry and everyone involved in this sector of the economy are hoping for a super 2006.

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