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Online Casino Industrial Future in U.S.

The U.S. is still opposed to online casino gambling despite the best efforts of online casino proponents to change the mind of members of Congress and the Justice Department. Is this because of some grudge held by Washington against online casino gambling, or is it simply because online casino advocates spend too much time tooting their own horn while acting as if they have the legitimacy in America that the government says they currently do not.

It isn’t fair to the online casino industry to say that the industry is out to deceive the U.S. Neither is it fair to online gamblers in the U.S., though, to say that because online casino gambling is popular in the U.S. that automatically makes it legal. After all, marijuana usage is popular in the U.S., but hardly legal in the sense that alcohol drinking is legalized. Online casino gambling has a ways to go in the U.S. governmental bureaucracy and it doesn’t seem as if their cause has any sense of priority among government members.

And so the online casino industry is forced to advertise to gamblers who can’t legally play, and offer games that they legally cannot offer in the U.S., despite the knowledge that Americans make up a huge percentage of online gambling enthusiasts on the web. What the future holds for the online casino industry seems now to be increased revenues, but until the status of online gambling in the U.S. is legalized those revenues will be less than they could be.

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