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Indiana Considers Satellite Online Casino Games

A recent proposal to offer online casino gambling via satellite to homes and businesses has failed to impress state gambling authorities in Indiana. The idea was pitched by the Kenilworth Systems Corporation, which stated it planned to broadcast online casino roulette, baccarat and other online casino games to a list of authorized locations, including lottery outlets, hotels, and the homes of participating casino players.

However, despite Kenilworth’s pledge to allocate nearly three percent of its online casino revenues to the state capped at $1 billion U.S. per year, authorities were lukewarm to the online casino firm’s proposal. Predictions that the company would not be able to receive a license to provide online gaming in the state of Indiana were commonplace. However, the official report presented to the Indiana Gaming Commission neither endorsed nor dismissed the online casino gaming proposal.

The Indiana Gaming Commission has pointed out that state government is less than enthusiastic on approving such a venture. However, Kenilworth officials are still hopeful that despite U.S. legislation prohibiting online casino gaming, casino players in Indiana may still have the chance to play their favorite online casino games via satellite in the near future.

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