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Online Casino Gambling and Democratic Change

What chances are there for the world of online gambling managing to help bring freedom to places that are currently not free? You might be surprised to read this, because “How can opportunistic online casino companies aid in making the world safe for democracy?” is resonating in your head right now. But you’d be surprised how relevant a proposal this is. Why? What sort of environments can online casinos thrive in? The only kind that can – the free market, loose change, disposable income kind of environments. Of course, it is preferable for online casino companies to build or expand operations in countries and societies already well established as free.

But introducing the flexibility and accountability of online casino gambling into less-than-free countries has the potential to change those countries from the inside out. If people can somehow get used to spending money freely, they will probably become more and more interested in being able to earn it more freely too…meaning they won’t want to feel required to join the Communist Party anymore in order to get advancement, as is the case for many in China and as it was in the Soviet Union of old.

This is why countries like China are currently engaging in attempts to quash online casino gambling…they know that far from simply providing Chinese citizens with the ability to win money, it will expose them to a whole world of freedom that they currently do not have and that the government fears them attaining – after all, they are under the thrall of their own power. They don’t want to lose it, but if they have to they’d rather be the ones to gradually let go of it rather than the citizens gamble online, begin to demand more freedom, and totally lose it or have it wrested from them. So as you can see, online casino gambling can provide a base for spreading freedom and democracy around the globe. Now, if only the U.S. government, committed to spreading both now, would take a lighter view of online gambling in light of such information.

OCA News Editor

With a background in game development spanning 8 years, Sam Peterson is OCA’s leading authority in the world of online gaming. His focuses include new releases and gaming providers.