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Colorado to Vote on Smoking in Gambling Venues

The state of Colorado was expected to vote in the coming days on a bill which would ban smoking in most workplaces. This bill would include smoking in gambling venues such as casino sites. The casino venues have been fighting this bill since its inception early last year and their strongest argument is that gambling and smoking go hand in hand and that most gamblers are smokers. Which only, actually, helps to make the case that gambling is hazardous to your health.

One casino owner is reported saying that “gamblers will simply stop coming to our casino because if they cannot relax at the casino with a cigarette, it changes their entire casino gaming experience.” Those who are in support of the bill said that like workers everywhere else, casino workers deserve to work in a smoke-free environment, regardless of whether smoking and gambling at a casino are a shared experience. If the workers’ health is at risk, they deserve protection, the source said. The spokesperson said that everyone deserved to breathe clean air in their working environment.

Other venues that are seeking exclusion from the bill are cigar bars, businesses with less than 3 employees and the smoking lounge at Denver International Airport. The casino venues are the group with the biggest lobby and pressure on the Senate and therefore it is expected that the bill will pass without including the casino locations.

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