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Nevada Casino Employees Encouraged to Vote

Several large casino firms in Nevada are running a voting drive for employees, to encourage them to vote in this year’s state elections. The move comes after Nevada’s current government adopted taxation legislation last year commonly believed to be against the interests of the local gambling community. As a result, several leading casino firms are campaigning to stress the importance of their employees’ votes in the up-coming elections.

Casino and gambling firm Harrahs is one of the companies behind the voter education program. A spokesperson for the casino giant recently stated that it employed thousands of skilled and valuable employees, and stressed the importance of educating and mobilizing them. Similarly MGM Mirage has adopted the practice of providing free transport for casino employees to travel to voting sites.

The gambling operator also provides a voting guide for its employees, but stresses that the booklet is for informational purposes only and will not encourage uniform voting.The emphasis on casino employee voting comes amidst a growing realization that the casino industry has more power than previously thought in Nevada. 25.8 percent of the state’s total workforce is employed in the industry and 11 percent of the state’s preferred employers are casino companies.

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