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Online Casino Gaming Restrictions Tested in Nevada

A recent case at an online casino involving a player in Nevada has raised the question of who qualifies as legal or underage when it comes to online casino gambling. The heated debate which raged across message boards at a host of online casino sites last month stemmed from the decision of one site to fail to pay out a player’s winnings after disqualifying her for being an “underage” gambler. The case involving the Nevada player, who was aged over 18 – but under 21 years of age at the time of her win – has highlighted how confusing individual state laws governing gambling at online casino sites can be.

The player registered without trouble at her online casino and enjoyed problem free gambling for over three months. During that time she made a total of 17 successful transactions at the site and was awarded three minor payouts. However, when the player succeeded in winning a major payout, her online casino determined that she was “underage.” Although the player appealed to watchdog sites, the casino refused to reverse its decision, prompting her to go public with her story.

While the online casino hastily reversed its decision following negative publicity, the case has highlighted the problematic status of casino players aged between 18 and 21 at many sites. Although the legal age for gambling in Nevada is 21, the player’s town of residency states the legal age is 18. To make matters more complicated, online gambling is specifically prohibited in Nevada along with seven other states. However the player was permitted to gamble for three months before the online casino decided to bring the law into effect.

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