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Online Casino Sites Show Oscar Odds

The Oscars are coming up in a very short time, and as the world prepares to see who the big winners, losers, and surprises are, online casinos are preparing the way for online gamblers with many odds on the possibilities of outcomes on the big night. Whether or not these odds are correct, millions of Americans are preparing for the Academy Awards by examining odds at their favorite online casino – because whether or not they gamble online might not matter when they gamble amongst friends as well as colleagues at work. They need to be as prepared as possible, after all.

And online casino odds for the U.S.’s biggest movie awards are as robust as usual. The past year saw a few movies that did well at the box office but still were avoided the honor of Oscar nominations, and others that didn’t do so well but which were critical favorites and which are seen as being strong contenders for the little statuette. And of note to online gamblers and land-based gamblers alike who are using online casino odds offerings for their own purposes, you might want to see if there are bets out there on whether or not comedian and “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart will score or fall short of expectations on Oscar night.

When Stewart gets up on stage to host the Oscars, he will have big shoes to fill from past hosts who are legends of comedy. Even so, online casino odds are likely to be favorable to his jokes and antics, because Jon Stewart is one of the most popular personalities not just on Comedy Central but in the United States. Even if online casino odds are less than favorable to Jon Stewart, and whether or not he does a great job, the odds at most online casino sites are sure to say that even in the event of a bad show his “Daily Show” will continue to be tops.

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