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Targeting European Casino Fans over US

Some of the biggest names in the online casino industry are currently targeting the European market. Since the poker craze spread from the U.S., online casino gaming has experienced a sharp increase in popularity amongst European fans. In order to appeal to this new market, many online casino firms have taken the bold step to release new products sporting a local flavor.

One online casino firm is already reaping the benefits of its decision to market specifically to European members. The game of 32 card poker has proven a huge hit with Chartwell Technology’s online casino fans in Italy, with players experiencing the game in record numbers. While the game is a traditional card game, the online casino firm’s decision to modify it for the local market has proven a successful one. The game has seen increased revenues of over 14 percent since the casino decided to market it as a game of choice for European casino fans.

Other online casino firms have quickly learned that marketing locally increases local membership. Several Gibraltar based operators have enjoyed success in the United Kingdom after cultivating a British image for their online casino poker sites. Others have capitalized on the increased interest in bingo and roulette, choosing to provide European versions of both games to replace the customary American games.

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