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Online Casino Sunday in the U.S.

It is probably a beautiful Sunday somewhere around the world. But no matter how beautiful or bad the weather, anytime is a good time for gambling at online casino sites. It’s true, the U.S. government frowns upon online gambling, but aside from a few states banning explicitly in writing online casino gambling within state borders, online casino gambling bans are not enforced. What’s more, while online casino gambling is seen as illegal by the U.S. Justice Department, that opinion is based on a law on sports gambling over phone lines passed in 1961, and in the cable internet era just isn’t all that applicable.

Online gambling is incredibly popular in the United States. Americans in general love to compete, and like winning just as much or more. This is adequate explanation enough for the reason why online casino gambling has attained the kind of popularity in the U.S. that with government opinion set against the practice one would think anywhere else would hamper the success of online casinos, not contribute to it. In any case, online casino gambling is incredibly popular in the U.S. and this is a state of affairs that doesn’t seem set to change any time in the near future.

Understandably, online casino gambling cannot reach the highest heights of success among online gamblers based in the U.S. until the status of online gambling in the country is changed. Many people who favor the legalization of online casino gambling in America seem to think that this isn’t as unlikely as some others may think, given that online casinos help Americans win money, who in turn contribute some of their winnings to the tax intake of the U.S. government, providing something of an incentive for the government to tolerate online casino gambling even though they in principle disapprove of it.

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