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Online Casinos Plan for College Competition

In a move that seeks to capitalize on the popularity of poker at online casinos in the U.S., the World Poker Tour has recently advised that it intends to sponsor a poker competition for colleges. Poker at online casinos has never been more popular in America, and among the game’s most committed fans are college students. The World Poker Tour envisions that the competition will offer scholarship money and other prizes for online casinos poker fans.

In an interview with the Las Vegas Sun, Steve Lipscomb, chief executive of the World Poker Tour, stated that the details of the online casinos competition are currently being finalized. The tournament is expected to follow the example set by the Annual College Poker Tournament, which is sponsored by online casinos firm Royal Vegas Poker. The first prize in the tournament is $50,000, a sum few fans of online casinos could resist. Profits from the Annual College Poker Tournament are also given back to the community to benefit local charity organizations.

Although some opponents of online casinos have questioned the morality of encouraging gambling on American campuses, many others are supporting the idea of online casinos offering opportunities for scholarship cash. Organizer of the Annual College Poker Tournament Lou Krieger says that the game of poker encourages strategic thinking and encourages mental agility. Steve Lipscomb also supports this theory, advising that college students who are serious about poker tend to consume less alcohol.

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