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The U.S. and Online Casino Industry Performance

How do U.S. online casino gamblers affect the world? Considering that they are some of the biggest contributors to the online casino industry, they affect it in a pretty big way. American dollars and time spent at online casinos provide much of the lifeblood for the online gambling industry. You can’t really avoid the influence U.S. gamblers have over the online casino industry, because it has evolved over so long that if you pull out American influence and cash flow into the online gambling world then the industry might as well collapse. And very well might, come to think of it.

No, now we’re getting ahead of ourselves. The online casino industry existed long before Americans came to dominate it, and it is only because of their immense economic power and more than that, their willingness to part ways with a little money for the chance to win a lot of money – again and again – is pretty much the deciding factor in American online gambling dominance. If other countries were to wager as often as Americans, then the U.S. gambling influence would probably fade not to negligible levels, but rather a more balanced approach. Call it a multi-polar online gambling world.

Such a world might not be preferable to Americans, though, because more people around the world gambling online means that fewer jackpots will go to Americans. Europeans might like this sort of anti-U.S. online casino approach, but U.S. online gamblers probably view it with wariness and trepidation. Not out of fear, really, but a desire to win. Such a push overseas for online gambling might result in a push in the U.S. itself for the legalization of online casino gambling – which of course, federal law hasn’t really decided on yet but which we who watch the online casino industry know needs to happen sooner or later.

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