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US Sports League Pushes for Online Gambling Ban

Rep James Leach has garnered some heavy-weight support for his bill which is pushing for the de-legalization of online sports gambling. Leaders of five major sports leagues are helping to push forward Leach’s bill: HR 4411 Bill “Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act”. If passed, the bill would put an end to online sports gambling and online casinos.

The presidents of the football, baseball, basketball, hockey and collegiate athletics leagues are all joining Leach in pushing the bill forward. They claim that online sports gambling threatens the character of team sports and that gambling, intrinsically is wrong. This law seeks to prohibit online sports gambling and other forms of online gaming for the American public by making it illegal to pay for such services using credit cards, wire transfers, or any other banking mechanism.

Those pushing for the passing of the bill admitted that because the online casino and gambling sites were located off-shore, it made it harder for the law enforcement agencies to intercept in any way. There is a booming sports gambling industry that accepts bets from millions of Americans every year. The American public, they argue, seem to be misconceived that gambling is legal because of the loose laws and lack of enforcement, and which in turn encourages minors to gamble. They wish to change all of that with this new bill.

OCA News Editor