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Legality and U.S. Online Gamblers

When you are looking for a good time online, where do you turn to? Do you play regular computer games of the interactive sort, or do you do something unmentionable? It’s a valid question, because every web surfer is different. And not in a bad way, either. You have your odd predators online, but for the most part people living around the world with internet access are law-abiding citizens to one degree or another. And this is the point in the discussion that online casino companies, gambling, usage and operation comes in. Why? Because the U.S. and online gambling aren’t best friends at the moment.

But while this is so, it is an established, indisputable fact that a great number of Americans are helping to fuel the global online casino industry. Amazing, huh? The U.S. government interprets laws that were drafted and passed long before the internet age as applying to online casino operators, betting on the internet, and so forth. Only a few U.S. states have passed specific laws to ban online casino usage and operations within their states’ borders. For the most part, especially since fewer and fewer people are using dial-up modems, online casino gambling’s status with the American government’s position favors the customers.

Is online casino gambling illegal in the U.S.? Ask the Justice Department, and they will answer in the affirmative, but observers note that since as mentioned earlier fewer Americans are signing onto the internet over phone lines, and since federal law interpreted by the U.S. government applies to sports gambling over phone lines (the law was passed in 1961) the law is really not all that applicable to the online casino industry as it exists now. Even so, online gamblers in the U.S. would be smart to exercise caution when gambling online to be sure that their state hasn’t passed laws against online casino gambling.

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