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U.S. Economy and Online Casino Gambling

Does it make sense that the U.S. government looks so poorly upon online casino gambling when, thinking about economics, Washington would be smarter to win online casinos over rather than challenged them? Not really, though understanding why it is that the United States looks down upon gambling in general is central to understanding why the U.S. government takes the position that it does on online gambling at internet casino sites. You see, America – whatever the place of liberals in society itself – has a more conservative streak than other countries. Though the nuclear family has changed over the years, family is still important to American culture.

And gambling is seen as a hindrance to a happy family, rather than a positive addition. Those who are addicted to gambling can steal from family members, allow their addiction to take over all of their free time, can affect the ability of parents to parent, and so on and so forth. Okay, so gambling online isn’t the first step to an online casino addiction, but those who are already pre-disposed to drop fully into addiction mode are the ones who receive the most attention, and for whom online casino gambling is portrayed as a form of temptation that cannot be allowed to be legitimized.

Still, this has not stopped the ability of online casinos to operate strongly in America. U.S. citizens make up the largest spending demographic at online casino sites, and if there is any country on Earth which could lead the way for online casino legitimacy around the world, America is it. Even so, the U.S. government is always influenced by special interests that might stand against the ability of citizens to, within reason, spend their money how they wish. Online casino gambling is by no means dangerous in and of itself, and until such special interests realize this, the likelihood is strong that it will be a bumpy road ahead for the online casino industry in the U.S.

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