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Americans, U.S. and the Online Casino Industry

Is it just us, or do Americans love online gambling? It isn’t just us, whether or not you know much about online casino gambling. U.S. gamblers on the world wide web make up the largest percentage of wagers, and though people from all over the world are the ones who are winning at online casinos, Americans are pumping them with the money they need to operate. This is hilariously funny, because the U.S. government at the moment views online gambling as illegal, though Washington rarely enforces the de facto ban because of higher priorities like Iraq and preserving homeland security.

U.S. online casinos users come from all over the political spectrum, from all walks of life and, for the most part, from every state in the Union. There are, after all, a few U.S. states which have gone further than the federal government, which interprets old laws and applies them to new technologies they couldn’t have anticipated, and passed laws which do specifically make online casino gambling or operations illegal activities. Still, with Americans winning money and putting it into their bank accounts and spending it in the U.S. marketplace, it doesn’t really make all that sense for the U.S. to outright ban online gambling at casino sites when it stands to help the economy.

But logic isn’t necessarily always the guiding post for government policies anywhere in the world. It is quite possible that online casinos are discriminated against by the land-based casino lobby. Or, by religious groups which are morally opposed to gambling in all of its forms, not just on the internet. Whatever the reason, U.S. policies are not really being affected by American online gamblers, and nor are U.S. online gamblers being affected by American policies. For the moment, there is a stalemate that both sides seem to not have a problem with when it comes to the online casino industry. Whether or not that will change in the near future remains to be seen.

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With a background in game development spanning 8 years, Sam Peterson is OCA’s leading authority in the world of online gaming. His focuses include new releases and gaming providers.