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Casino Gambling and the U.S.

Will casino gambling come to Kentucky? There are quite a few U.S. states which ban gambling on all but Indian reservations, and Kentucky is considering allowing a little bit more than that. Will the move from reservations to mainstream, should it ever happen, affect the ability of the Native American casino industry to provide social services for Indian tribes and their families? Who knows, but what everyone expects is that casino gambling in the United States will in general remain a dark horse of the gaming world for a good long while.

Aside from some states like Nevada and cities like Atlantic City, gambling is illegal or restricted. This results from as much as America’s history as it does from personal feelings about the social impact of casino gambling and existence. Still, many popular gambling games originated in the United States and poker is the number one card game amongst online gamblers who are not only living in the United States but around the world, so it makes sense that one day casino gambling will make the inroads it seeks in the American market.

Until casino gambling in states like Kentucky become mainstream, watch out for Americans to choose online casino gambling over other forms of entertainment. Everyone who has the ability loves to attempt to win money from anywhere, the internet or in person. And though no online casinos are based in the U.S., U.S. citizens are the biggest users and players of online casino games. This will probably not change due to casino gambling becoming mainstream, but it is something to watch out for anyway.

OCA News Editor