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Why the U.S. is Online Casino Territory

Though the United States takes a dim view toward online casino gambling, and labels it as illegal thanks to an old law which banned certain forms of gambling over phone lines, is such a view or ban on online casino gambling consistent with U.S. law and traditions? The law is not the subject of this discussion, at least not directly. U.S. history is a history of gambling. From the earliest days of the Republic, even before the United States became a Republic, the country’s leaders gambled with their future and the future of their citizens by declaring independence from England, by challenging the prominence and slavery, and by fighting for civil rights.

Las Vegas, though it is nicknamed by many Sin City, has become thanks to its casino and entertainment industry a major tourist destination for families these days, though in the past that wasn’t so and few probably imagined it would end up this way. The success of Las Vegas not just in terms of its casino profits but its cultural effect on the country, appearing as a major set piece in drama movies and comedies and TV shows demonstrates that gambling at online casino websites is in keeping with the natural evolution and path of U.S. gambling and gambling history around the world in general.

Americans make up the largest bloc of online casino gamblers around the world thanks to their incomes and their willingness to gamble with what money they have in an attempt to make more simply by playing games over the world wide web. The online casino industry isn’t at all an American phenomenon, but it is a uniquely suited industry for the U.S. if only American legislators and the Justice Department were to take a look at American popular culture and gaming culture as well. Americans and online casino gambling are a match made in economic wonderland, and one day Washington will wake up to this.

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